3 comments on “Continuing the Travels

  1. Excellent (the no pain part)! We missed you tonight but laughed a lot about your adventures. Leif wondered who’d be brave enough to tell you that. Raised my hand without hesitation! Can’t wait to hear what tomorrow brings!

  2. Nope, no pain. And I’d rather wait with any kind of pain than be in a hospital in Eureka. Nah, I’m fine and when I get home I’ll get Roy to look at it – he’s been keeping me alive for 25 years so far so what the hell.

  3. Unless that lump is accompanied by pain–and by that I mean PAIN!–it can probably wait until you get home or get settled in your room, relax and have a nice, leisurely bathroom sit-down. You scared us! But the trees sound lovely, gondola or no.

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