One comment on “An illuminating subject

  1. True,Miles, but shopping for other things can be just the opposite. As a kid I used to pop over to the local fabric store any time I wanted to sew something- clothing, school projects, etc. And I had a choice which one to go to. Now I know of only one dedicated fabric store and it is nowhere near here. I can go to Jane’s Fabrique in LA Jolla if I’m in the mood for a drive but more likely I will drop into my local Michael’s store that have a few isles of fabric among the Halloween costumes, finger paints and fake fall vegetation, there to find a very abbreviated version of a fabric store with few choices, few a good fit for my taste. Walmart also has a shortlist fabric section. Nuf said. I understand your lightbulb specialty dillema, but I still long for the old days when a woman who had made all her family’s clothes, pillow covers and curtains led me through that isles of cottons, lialles and satins to help me find the perfect fabric for the job at hand, and fill my arms with all the thread, buttons, zippers and packages of needles i would need, my eyes watering profusely from the sizing and finishes on the bolts of coth. Ah, the good old days.

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