I’m first a couranteer – a writer of thoughts and information about social media and more on a daily basis.  I chronicle the musings that go on and add a few more.  A million words here and there – but who’s counting. Social media is about movement and connections.  The chronicling of world – and neighborhood – events move at the speed of light and thumbs. Read me here with my friends, read me in the Asian Journal, study with me, or line the birdcage with me – it’s all okay. I get to watch life, write about life, laugh and cry about life.  There is absolutely nothing like being a couranteer…

Miles Beauchamp


Copyright Notice: All content on this site remains with the original copyright owner. Fair use of links and content does not in any way limit copyright. This site is primarily used for instruction in social media for the professions.  A particular thanks to Facebook, StumbleUpon, Upworthy and other great sites that often permit sharing and passing along great content; that’s social media doing what it does best.

Heading Photo credit:  Rufustelestrat.  Photo by: Rufustelestrat (Ted “RUFUS” Ross) 23:30, 22 February 2007 From Wikimedia Commons. Night shot profiling the Colors and Lights of the Downtown Sky. Night Shot, Long Exposure. San Diego, California. Permissions granted / CC

One comment on “About

  1. San Diego, darkening skies (both from sundown and gathering clouds – wouldn’t it be nice if rain was at least a bit involved?) and my new external hard drive (known around here as the keeper of the flame). It quietly sits, monitors, saves, and protects. What’s the motto of the San Diego Police Dept – “To Serve and Protect?” – well they don’t hold a candle to my glowing little hard drive. I’m enthralled, at peace, and have one more little thing to check off the to-do-immediately-at-any-cost-more-or-less list. It’s crossed off and now I’ve got the list down to 487 items. I’m on a roll here – don’t get in the way

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